Training Courses

Hydraulics & Water Pumps

  1. Introduction to Pumps

    A show and tell of the components of a centrifugal (or other) pumps.  What they do, how they work, options and specialities like wear rings etc. but at a level where the receptionist should be a delegate.


  2. Basic Hydraulics and Pumps

    A course for beginners in selecting and selling pumps to the industry. Starting from correct and economical pipe sizing, and through to effective pump selection criteria. NPSH calculations and an overview of valve needs are covered.

    Post course Test included


  3. Advanced Hydraulics and Pumps

    The next level where multiple outlets, multi flows, and multiple pump designs are covered. Considerations for booster pressure, System Head error analysis, the Afffinity Laws, and pumping in series and parallel are all covered.

    Post course Test included


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Sales & Presentation Skills

  1. Introduction to Sales

    For all junior sales staff - who generally man telephone orders - who will learn how to discover customer needs, offer features with benefits, sell the profitable "Add Ons" and Close the Sale.


  2. Advanced Selling Skills

    Ideal for senior internal sales and new reps. How to identify and pre-qualify new customers and product opportunities. Valuing benefits for the clients, introduction to negotiating and Closing the Sale profitably.


  3. Undertsanding Customer Psychology

    The mind battle between Seller and Buyer. Learn the various personality types and how to handle them, both within yourself and in the customer. Remove the barriers to trust and an even playing field. Also offered as a Team program.


  4. Presentation Skills

    Learn the skills required to address and show material to large audiences, how to build slides and control the show. Learn a few training skills at the same time. Training and presenting are NOT the same thing - so how do you confirm the learning?


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Other Training Services

  1. Technical Content Training

    I will professionally present your material to staff and clients, while your (segment) manager works productively in the field with the sales force


  2. Course Content Development

    If you have a (new) product and need training material developed, DW Training can assist


  3. Corporate Training Consultations

    So your staff need training and you don't have the capacity or skills of where to start. DW Training can assist with the process and roll-out.


  4. Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

    Having kept up to date with CCMA rulings, I can asssit SME's with Chairing Disciplinary Hearings on an ad-hoc basis.


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This Sales course helped build my confidence, while showing me how to build a presentation that gets the audience’s attention. 3 days well spent.
Adri, Germiston

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