I found the Hydraulic course to be very useful and amazingly put together. I have really learned a lot from this course. Also thank you for the way you present the course, always fun and easy to understand... I would recommend anyone to attend any of your courses.
Selwyn, Modderfontein
I found the courses relevant and informative. The info pack and associated materials prove invaluable, as I still refer to these from time to time. The learning environment was light and casual, I think, in large to the way it was presented.
Nick, Edenvale
This Sales course taught me how to discover the customer’s real needs, and to satisfy those through the proper presentation of Features and Benefits.
Robert, Edenvale
This Sales course helped build my confidence, while showing me how to build a presentation that gets the audience’s attention. 3 days well spent.
Adri, Germiston
I didn’t realise how much I was over designing the pump in the system and wasting energy. BH&P was a real eye opener for me. I have a higher sales rate now.
Ruan, Burgerspoort
Understanding Customer Psychology was a fantastic course I learnt so much about my own behavior which helped me work better with my customer in making a deal. The whole sales team should do the course.
Adri, Germiston
I have attended many of the courses run by Dudley Willer. He uses real examples that relate for us to grasp the content easily. I was inspired to pursue more courses and he will certainly add value to any organisation with his tactful and enlightening method of training.
Katherine, Germiston
Thank you once again for the course. The panic mechanic didn’t do too badly hey. It was a very good course for me and I learned a lot from you. That is something no-one can take away from me. I’m looking forward to attending the Advanced Course with you in the future. Enjoyed the course very much!!
Warren, Modderfontein
Dudley is excellent in providing training & I would recommend his services to anyone. His knowledge shared within the Advanced Pumps & Hydraulics course has become extremely valuable to me for my career in the pump industry!
Nigel, Cape Town
I attended three courses with Dudley, and each one was specially tailored to the requirements of the delegates. Special care was taken to ensure the material were fully understood before continuing onto next module.
Mark, Cape Town
Anyone looking to train with Dudley will enjoy a somewhat personal, one-on-one training experience.
Mark, Cape Town
This is a very interesting course to attend, it really opens your eyes to bad habits when presenting and on how to keep the attention of the audience. Without this course I would not be able to do the job I am currently in as effectively as I am.
Stephan, Edenvale

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