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Technical Hydraulic Sizing & Sales Training for industrial and irrigation water pumps

Training Courses and Services

Training Courses & Services

  • Hydraulics & Water Pumps

    • Introduction to Pumps
    • Basic Hydraulics & Water Pumps
    • Advanced Hydraulics & Water Pumps

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  • Sales & Presentation Skills

    • Introduction to Sales
    • Advanced Selling Skills
    • Understanding Customer Psychology
    • Presentation Skills

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  • Other Training Services

    • Technical Content Training
    • Course Content Development
    • Corporate Training Consultations
    • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

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DW Training

About our Offering

DW Training focuses on technical and sales training for the pump industry, be it for suppliers of small mono-block units for light industry, or larger manufacturers of multi-kW, multi pump sets, for high rise buildings or booster systems etc. With a bouquet range of courses, I believe we cover the generic training needs of a pump sales company. Industry aligned sales training, pipeline sizing, system calculations, and pump selection, form the core of the training offering. Post training assessment evaluation is a big contributor to retained learning, and DW Training promotes this offering actively.

Also available are a Presentation and Training skills program, alongside a program to better understand the psychology of the thinking behind a customers’ decision making, and how your personality may conflict with theirs.

DW Training can also present and train your own corporate material, relieving your senior management of the task, thus allowing them to lead at the coal face. I can also travel to most areas and present the training to your staff and client network in their environment.


I didn’t realise how much I was over designing the pump in the system and wasting energy. BH&P was a real eye opener for me. I have a higher sales rate now.
Ruan, Burgerspoort

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