Dudley Willer - About The Trainer

Technical Training Facilitator

I got into the pump industry by accident in 1975 with a large diversified industrial corporate, who would later shape my career and move me around South and Central Africa, allowing me to experience working in 6 African countries including a number of years living permanently in Malawi.

I have specified many pump systems across many industries and agricultural applications, taking into account the local skills and service conditions. Through my career I spent time in Internal & External sales, Branch and Company management, and 12 years in specialty training divisions. These experiences prepared me to be able to offer the Technical Pump Training and Sales Training courses the company offers. I have empathy for the learner as I too was once a beginner.

DW Training’s grouped set of boutique courses are:

  • Intro to Pumps, Basic, and Advanced Hydraulics & Pumps,
  • Intro to Selling (for internal sales clerks)
  • Advanced Selling (for external sales people)
  • Presentation Techniques (for senior sales people and middle management)
  • Understanding Customer Psychology (for staff who deal with customers directly in influencing their decisions)

Most of the courses on offer have post training assessment and personal evaluation as a standard, and if additional post course development exercises are required, together with the company I can manage that process. DW Training continually strives to give a personalized offering.


Thank you once again for the course. The panic mechanic didn’t do too badly hey. It was a very good course for me and I learned a lot from you. That is something no-one can take away from me. I’m looking forward to attending the Advanced Course with you in the future. Enjoyed the course very much!!
Warren, Modderfontein

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